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When I was young, I didn’t read many classics. My exposure to the classics was mostly limited to what was assigned in school, which disappointingly wasn’t much. Outside of school, I felt so burnt out by structured learning that my reading choices consisted mostly of books without much substance.

Fortunately, homeschooling allows me somewhat of a do-over. I do a lot of reading with my kids. We listen to audiobooks while we drive, and we do at least an hour of “fun” reading every night. I’m really loving the middle-grade reading selection and, actually, I sometimes prefer it to “grown-up” books. And I’m lucky that my kids allow me to choose most of what we read. Now, I have read a ton of kids’ classics!

As part of Jump Into a Book’s Read Kids Classics Challenge, I’m going to share some of my favorites with you! My first pick for a favorite kids’ classic is one that is a lot more well-known in the United Kingdom than here in the U.S. – The Wishing Chair Collection by Enid Blyton (affiliate link). It’s hard to come by in local libraries but we ordered our copies used from Amazon.

The Wishing Chair is a lovely collection of three books about two children who discover a magical chair that can fly and grant wishes. They go on amazing adventures and visit fantastical places like the Land of Wishes and the Land of Dreams, and they even help Santa deliver presents. I love that these stories appeal to a child’s sense of adventure and fantasy without introducing scary or inappropriate subject matter. They are just timeless, sweet stories that are full of the stuff that kids dream about. We first read them when my son was five but I think kids of all ages would love them.

Between 1922 and 1963, Enid Blyton (who lived in London) wrote over 700 titles! I read about Blyton on some other blog about five years ago, and I am so happy I gave her a chance. Since reading the Wishing Chair, we have read (and loved) a number of other Enid Blyton books, including several mystery/adventure books that my son absolutely adored. Here is a list of some of our other favorites (with affiliate links to purchase them on Amazon if you can’t find them at the library):

  • The Magic Faraway Tree collection – A group of children discover a magical tree full of interesting characters and visit the different lands that appear at the top of the tree, including the Land of Spells, the Land of Topsy-Turvy and the Land of Do-As-You-Please.
  • The Adventure Series – a collection of eight mystery/adventure books, beginning with the Island of Adventure, where four children and a parrot try to solve a mystery in secret tunnels beneath the sea and on the Isle of Gloom. These are a little more interesting to kids ages seven and up.

I would love to hear about some of your favorite children’s classic books!

Joining me in this book-ish and fun campaign is a handful of powerhouse bloggers who are excited to share their very own #readkidsclassics picks!  Please feel free to visit these  #ReadKidsClassics bloggers to see what classic book reading fun they have created and watch for this specific hashtag on Twitter!


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5 thoughts on “Read Kids Classics Challenge: The Wishing Chair

  1. I love Enid Blyton but I don’t know this particular series. It is on my list and I can hardly wait to discover them. Enid Blyton was such an amazing writer, actually a timeless writer. Thank you for sharing these and sparking the imagination. So glad you’re joining us for the KidsClassicsChallenge !!!

    1. Do you have any favorite Blyton books that aren’t in my post? I would love to read more but it’s hard to narrow down over 700 books!

  2. I love those books, they were the first books I bought my little boy (while expecting him)!
    The Famous five series, Mallory Towers series and The Naughtiest Girl series are fun chapter book reads

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! We haven’t read any of those series so I will definitely check them out!

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