Get Free Stuff With Summer Reading!

Summer may be almost halfway over but it’s not too late to get your kids involved in some summer reading. And what better way to motivate them than with free stuff! My son was a late reader. He resisted all of my efforts to read for fun until he did the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Club last summer. He picked up a free book, The 13-Story Treehouse, as his prize and read it in two days! So I am a big fan of summer reading programs. Here are some of my favorites:

Local Library Summer Reading Clubs – Our local library has a great summer reading program. The kids try to complete activities that involve both reading and outdoor activities, and then they turn in their activity sheet to earn prizes. The prizes range from free books to small toys. My son likes the prizes but, honestly, loves completing the activities even more. There’s something about checking things off as complete that gives you a nice feeling of satisfaction.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Triathlon – All kids have to do is complete a reading journal answering some questions about recent books they have read. They can bring the completed journal into any Barnes & Noble store before September 6, 2016, and then they get to pick out a free book! As I mentioned above, this helped to kick-start my son’s love of reading.


YouTube Kids – That’s right. I said YouTube. The folks at YouTube have issued a 30-Day Summer Reading Challenge for kids. They challenge kids to read for 20 minutes a day in different and silly ways.  And they are showcasing reading-related videos to help encourage your child to read.


Six Flags Read to Succeed – This program is over for the summer of 2016 but make a mental note for next year because it starts and ends in the spring. Kids who log six hours of recreational reading can earn a free admission ticket to Six Flags!

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge – Until September 9, 2016, kids try to log in as much reading time as they can. Kids can earn cool virtual prizes and be entered in the summer sweepstakes to win prizes from Klutz!

Half Price Books Summer Reading Program – Kids try to read for 300 minutes by the end of July, complete a reading log and earn $5 in Bookworm Bucks from Half Price Books.

Book Adventure Reading Challenge – This is a year-round reading program that encourages kids to read by enabling them to earn prizes. Kids simply read books and then take a quiz on what they read to earn prizes of their choosing. Parents can even set up their own reading challenges within the site.



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