Children’s Books about Naturalists

My nine-year-old son is a budding naturalist. We bought him a huge glass cabinet to house his collections of insects, shells, marine animals, rocks, nests, bones, dried flowers and more. Since he loves to collect and explore nature, I decided to use this as a learning opportunity. We began studying the classification of living things. We have visited many natural history and nature museums. And we started reading about the lives of other famous naturalists.

Keeping Bugs as Pets: A Relaxed Approach to Homeschool Entomology

My 9yo son is most definitely a future entomologist. Everywhere he goes, he flips over logs and digs through debris to find new and unusual bugs. While many parents might squirm when they have a bug in their face (and believe me I do when it comes to things like dobsonflies), I try to turn it into a learning opportunity. Read on to learn how to keep insects as pets and how you can use this as a great teaching tool for your kids.

Should You Get a Homeschool Science Curriculum?

I have a friend who is preparing to homeschool her two kids, and she recently asked me what curriculum I use for science. I immediately panicked and thought, "Oh crap . . . science! I don't have a curriculum for that at all." But after I calmed down a bit, I realized that we actually do a lot of science. It's probably my son's favorite subject after art.