Homeschool Geography Without a Curriculum

Geography is one of those subjects that we touched on in kindergarten and then have covered sporadically since then. I still remember the kindergarten geography lesson. I printed out a series of pages - one with a picture of the solar system, one with just Earth, one with North America and then the United States, then our state, our county, our city and our neighborhood. We reviewed it a bunch of times until I was sure that my son understood our place in this big wide world. And of course we sang The Continent Song. Then that was that.

Should You Get a Homeschool Science Curriculum?

I have a friend who is preparing to homeschool her two kids, and she recently asked me what curriculum I use for science. I immediately panicked and thought, "Oh crap . . . science! I don't have a curriculum for that at all." But after I calmed down a bit, I realized that we actually do a lot of science. It's probably my son's favorite subject after art.

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